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Successful open source software always proves excellence in reliability, effectiveness, scalability, and portability. The Apache httpd, the Linux operating system and Perl as a scripting language or in the field of security OpenSSH, OpenSSL and GnuPG are prominent examples disguising that there are important fields lacking comparable solutions. One of these fields is anti-virus software. Previous attempts to fill the gap failed due to lack of concept and/or inability to attract essential expertise. To build a network of anti-virus developers within the Open Source Community providing mandatory resources for communication and project management the OpenAntiVirus Project was founded August 30th 2000.
Home of the OpenAntiVirus Project is here.

The Mission
With the foundation of the project everybody involved was perfectly aware that success will only be conceivable if a set of rules is defined to help plot a roadmap for the project. But not only a roadmap is necessary for being successful. It's the people contributing to the project who are forming the critical mass to get the project up and running, who are giving their time and their intellectual genius, who are spreading the word of the project and the products to the private and corporate users, who are evangelizing our goals to the global computer community.

The Goal
OpenAntiVirus is not another virus scanner to put on a computer! OpenAntiVirus is a platform for people seriously interested in anti-virus research, network security and computer security to communicate with each other, to develop solutions for various security problems, and to develop new security technologies. Moreover, OpenAntiVirus will also provide an integrative platform for different developing projects related to virus protection and computer security already existing within the Open Source Community.

It is intended as a co-operation and communication platform for working together, sharing ideas, or re-using existing code. Man power is limited and a KDE-vs-GNOME-ish war between projects won't improve security. Of course competition is welcome and in the end the users will decide which solution fits their requirements best.

Communication will be done mostly via mailing lists. Home of the OpenAntiVirus Project is www.openantivirus.org. Other facilities of communication will be announced as soon as they are available.

To make it simple and short, everybody who wants to be seriously involved in white hat anti-virus research and computer security is welcome to participate in and to contribute to OpenAntiVirus.

OpenAntiVirus is definitely not going to welcome Script Kiddies, VXers, and the like.

The Roadmap
To achieve the above plotted goal we will offer open the following platforms fields for developers and users:

  • creating open source solutions to provide virus protection for end-users and corporate users for use on their networks, i.e. email servers, internet gateways, or and file servers.
  • creating open source solutions to provide computer security and network security for end-users and corporate users for use on their networks, i.e. email servers, internet gateways, or and file servers.
  • developing an open source scan engine to make the future of open source security not dependent from commercial suppliers.
  • offering technical rescue capabilities for worst case scenarios through open source systems and software as a support solution for system administrators.
  • a Web portal and information resource providing the latest news about virus protection technologies, virus incidents, and background information about computer viruses, hoaxes, and other malware.
  • a How-To project with information and white papers to enable users and system administrators to establish an anti-virus strategy using open source security solutions.

While the OpenAntiVirus Project was originally founded by Germans, the language of the project will be English as to contribute and target the project to an international audience. Everybody speaking other languages is encouraged to translate the content of the project into his native language and contribute the translated content to the project. The OpenAntivirus project will gladly acknowledge the content translation as everybody benefits from it.


Spread the word!
As already stated this project can only be a success if enough people are forming a critical mass to keep the project alive through their contributions. Therefore spread the word! This project gives the Open Source Community the unique possibility to design and develop better, easier, and more sophisticated security solutions than already available from commercial suppliers. Do not hesitate and consider this project a technological challenge. Once again - spread the word!

Join us!
Being an experienced developer of open source software and/or expert in the field of anti-virus research, computer security and network security you will know the meaning of open source software for securing systems connected to the Internet. You may have missed an adequate solution in the field of anti-virus software or computer security. You may have even thought of ways to fill the gap. Within OpenAntiVirus you can focus on your special field and leave it to us to handle troublesome and time-consuming tasks like forming a choir from individual troubadours. This project needs your input and support! Therefore - Join us!
To join, please subscribe to our mailing lists. For general information please write to contact@openantivirus.org

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