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OpenAntiVirus.org is an OpenSource project - if anyone misses features or finds flaws she's welcome to contribute suggestions, criticism, and -even better- superior solutions to the project.

What we currently have is a set of toys to play with - nothing we would consider using in a production environment (or at least not without prior extensive testing). All these toys are in a very early, mostly pre-alpha state. No one serious about the security of their systems will honestly use OAV as the only means to protect them. It's just made public for testing and further development.

Our mission statement is just that - a mission statement. I.e. it says where we want to go - not where we currently are. We are very well aware that it's a long way to go. We don't dream we could deliver such a thing as a 'product' this year or early next year. Our opinion is it may take more than one year from now - that's very optimistic.

Anti-virus software is not just another type of software, unlike web browsers, http daemons, or window managers. Due to the very nature of this matter it's one of the most challenging tasks an OpenSource project can take on. Maybe OAV takes on too much but we are ready to walk this road - are you with us?

Please: Keep on telling us

  • what features you want to see in OAV
  • how we can improve the toys to turn them into tools
  • how you like it so far
  • what you don't like

Please: Keep on contributing

  • ideas
  • code
  • man power
  • samples
  • anything else you think may be useful to the OAV project

Be part of it. Spread the word.

Thank you
The OpenAntiVirus.org Crew


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