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Talks and Presentations

2000 2001 2002 2003 2005 2006

LinuxTag 2000, Stuttgart, Germany

A talk about server-based virus protection in the name of the precursor project LAVP (Linux/Unix AntiVirus Project) by Rainer Link (in German only)

Chemnitzer Linux Tag, 2001, Chemnitz, Germany

Rainer Link's talk about server-based virus protection for OpenAntiVirus.org (in German only)

Chemnitzer Linux Tag, 2002, Chemnitz, Germany

Kurt did a presentation about the OpenAntiVirus project (in German only)

LinuxTag 2002, Karlsruhe, Germany

Thanks to everyone listening to Kurt's and Rainer's talk. We hope, you enjoyed it (as we did :)). Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. As promised, here are our slides (german only):

OpenSaar 2002, Saarbrücken, Germany

Kurt did a talk about the OpenAntiVirus project as a community example at OpenSaar.

Linux World&Expo 2002, Frankfurt, Germany

Here are the slides of Kurt's and Rainer's talk (in german only):

Linux Kongress 2003, Saarbrücken, Germany

Kurt and Rainer gave a talk at 10th Linux Kongress. We really enjoyed it and it was a great time. Here are the slides (english):

MoLD 2005, Hamburg, Germany

A short talk about samba-vscan, Samba4 and the future of samba-vscan (english) by Rainer Link:

2h workshop, LinuxTag 2005, Karlsruhe

  • amavisd-new by Patrick Ben Koetter (PDF)
  • Scan engine details by Kurt Huwig
  • Dazuko by John Ogness (PDF)
  • samba-vscan by Rainer Link (PDF)
  • HAVP by Christian Hilgers (PDF)

SambaXP 2006, Göttingen, Germany

A short talk about "Samba On-Access Virus Scanning" (PDF) by Rainer Link (english)

LinuxTag 2006, Wiesbaden, Germany

A one hour session about "Linux/Unix On-Access Virus Scanning" (PDF) by Rainer Link. Thanks to John Ogness of the Dazuko project for being my discussion counterpart :)

Diploma Thesis

The diploma thesis discusses ICAP as a generic protocol for an anti-virus service to scan email, web traffic and files on Samba shares (english):


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