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Rainer Link (Founder and Project Admin): Rainer Link, born 1976, studied Computer Networking at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen/Germany. He has been interested in computer viruses since 1991. He is a member of Virus Help Munich (VHM) since 1995 and joined the AMaViS development team in 1999. He maintains samba-vscan and the Mini-FAQ: antivirus software for Unix/Linux. Being the interims Webmaster he does some random HTML/PHP stuff for openantivirus.org. His diploma thesis "server based virus protection on Linux/Unix" can be read online (PDF). Rainer can be reached via rainer at openantivirus dot org.

Howard Fuhs (Co-Founder and Evangelist): Howard Fuhs started with computers around 1977 and was working in the field of telecommunication security from 1982 on. He switched to datasecurity in 1989 and started as a consultant and software distributor in the field of anti-virus solutions. Howard Fuhs lives in Wiesbaden, Germany and is now working successfully as a freelance IT-Security consultant. He wrote a book about computer virus prevention in 1992 and recently two books about Linux, he was for two years chief-editor for the German edition of Information Security Bulletin and is publishing articles covering all aspects of data security on a regular basis since 1992. Howard can be reached via hfuhs at openantivirus dot org

Frank Ziemann (Webmaster): Frank Ziemann is a freelance IT consultant, 36 years old, and lives in Berlin. He is running Hoax-info.de, the German reference site for info on hoaxes and chain letters. He is a member of Virus Help Munich (VHM) and editor of Information Security Bulletin, German Edition. Basically, he is not a developer but willing to help where he can. Frank can be reached via frank at openantivirus dot org.

Christian Bricart: Christian Bricart, born 1972, studies Computer Science at the University of Technology (RWTH) in Aachen/Germany. For a living he works for a small Linux based IT company in Aachen coding mostly in Bash, Perl, C and PHP. On January 1998 he founded and maintained the AMaViS Project. Christian can be reaced via christian at openantivirus dot org.

Kurt Huwig (Java coder): born 1972 has a serious background in cryptography and application development. He is interested in computer viruses since old Commodore 64 ages and likes to do things different. Currently his job in the project is the core virus scanner as well as end user scanning tools. Kurt can be reached via kurt at openantivirus dot org.

Affiliated persons

Those people are not members of the OAV team and/or do not work on OAV-related projets, but provide help, bandwidth and so on:
Jens Krabbenhoeft, Thorsten Ziegler and Adrian Woizik for providing the MX host for openantivirus.org at no cost. Thanks guys!


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